ARO Symposium 2024

Successful symposium given at the 2024 MidWinter Meeting for the Association for Research in Otolaryngology!


soQuiet Misophonia Talk

Featured in soQuiet’s Science Session!


Psych 101

How to apply a cognitive science standpoint to the world of social media and practice being a good scientist


Musical Chills

Musical Chills & Dopamine.

Discriminating Major/Minor Modes Revisited - can training help?

This project looked at whether listeners can learn to discriminate the two stimuli over time with a training regimen. Training occurred …

Assessing Emotional Processing in People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

People internalize different emotional connotations when they listen to speech in conversation; similarly, people interpret different …


The Effects of Tone Duration in Discriminating Major/Minor Modes

The major and minor scales play vital roles in western music; however, many listeners have difficulty discriminating between major vs. …


Music Videos

Collection of videos of me performing for competitions or jurys.